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I'm obsessed with fashion and decided to begin a fashion blog of my own that people can look at and gain inspiration or maybe share some tips!
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Land HOOO!

Today's outfit was the perfect jump starter for spring! If y'all are like me, you're tired of these cold, windy, over cast days. Lords knows I am. I'm ready for shorts, sundresses and sandals. These trendy capris and the sweatshirt were perfect for today. It wasn't quite warm enough for a short sleeve or sleeveless top yet. The material of this shirt is so lightweight and soft, I can see myself wearing it often. The bright green colors can add excitement to any dull, dreary day :)

My bootleg model poses lol

This necklace is also from the clearance and was $1.99. As far as the earrings go, I've had these for years. Surprised that they've held up this long. Y'all know how that saying, "You get what you pay for" goes.

Surprisingly these wedges were comfortable and I was able to wear them all day. 

This bracelet was $1.99! Y'all know how much I love clearance jewelry! Majority of my jewelry comes from the clearance rack because you can almost always find something worth while on there for a decent price.

Thanks for reading!! 
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