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I'm obsessed with fashion and decided to begin a fashion blog of my own that people can look at and gain inspiration or maybe share some tips!
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Talkin' About Split Personalities

Here's today's outfit: 

I don't think there was really any inspiration behind my outfit today. I was just browsing through the clothing racks and came across this skirt. $10 was an amazing price to pay for the skirt. I'm a HUGE fan of maxi skirts because they're so versatile. They can go from school, to the office to a night out. The split in this skirts gives it sex appeal and makes it more of a night time garment. But I still wore it to school anyways. The top is really comfortable with an edgy feel. The faux leather shoulders aren't heavy and you barely know they're there. The spikes give it a grunge edge which I love! 

The shoes are an ox blood color, suede lace up bootie. I bought these as a form of the platform lace up booties with the wooden heels. I've been dying, hoping, and praying to run across a pair of them that are reasonable priced and fit my budget but that hasn't happened yet( fingers crossed), so I settled for these. Y'all know the struggle! I think these are on every girl's wish list. Overall these shoes went all day without giving me too much trouble. They don't hurt your feet as much as other heels, so I could see myself wearing them often.

Here are some other pictures.

I love how I got that whole skirt blowing in the wind thing going on in the last picture lol!

Mariah x

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